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I Say Jeeves! .::. Icontest

A Jeeves and Wooster Icon Challenge

a jeeves & wooster icontest
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First Challenge will BEGIN MONDAY MAY 8TH, 2006

What ho! Welcome to isayjeeves, an icontest for the British TV show Jeeves & Wooster starring the indomitable Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Here's how it goes: We post caps. You post icons in a comment to the original challenge post. We post voting and everyone votes, then we post winners. The challenge post will give you due dates and specific information pertinent to that challenge. But in general...
- All icons must meet livejournal standards of 100x100 pixels and under 40KB.
- All entries are anonymous. Do not post your icon anywhere until voting is over.
- Animation is fine. Brushes, textures, gradients are all fine as long as you use the original pictures provided.
- Don't vote for yourself, or get other people to vote for you.
- All entries should include the img src and the URL of the icon, like this:


It's simple enough. Enjoy your stay!

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